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 Posted: Mon Feb 20th, 2017 03:06 am
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I think we have a lot of very poor people in Guaymas who are facing a tighter economy in coming years. If we had the same thing next to any USA population center of older retired people that are easier targets, burglaries would be a problem there too.

I believe that the police respond as fast as they can, from wherever they are patroling. And I also think that we get pretty much in consideration of what we pay for, as a $200 a year property tax bill is a lot less than the $6,000 I pay in California.

Most of us not being able to speak the language correctly, especially under duress, might also have something to do with response times.

My wife was in a fender bender with $5K in damage on an off ramp on Hwy 101 in California 3 years ago, and she waited an hr for a volunteer to show up, as the Ventura PD would not send a paid patrol car at 2 in the afternoon, so everyone has a story, I guess.