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 Posted: Thu Feb 2nd, 2017 02:27 am
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While I will always respect your wishes whether or not I agree with you. You offer us a great service. But, I do think there is a relationship between climate and consumer demand in Guaymas for an airline. For me, I see visitors from the USA diminishing simply based on the huge vacancy factor on residential property. With the peso devaluation, Mexicans who want to own a home here will build. I can't imagine why anyone would want to run an airline in and out of Guaymas to/from the USA at this time. AeroMexico thought long and hard before they pulled out despite the full loads. The Guaymas leg was never a good deal for AeroMexico except for charters. 

Permit me to reminisce. Years ago I did a lot of consulting in the USA but preferred to live with my family in San Carlos. I had a really good client in Tucson. That contract provided the funds I needed to build our home in San Carlos. I spent the week working in Tucson (the company paid for an apartment in Tucson). I was with my family in San Carlos on the weekends.The round trip airfare on AeroMexico was $US138. I did this for two years. Most of the passengers were tourists going to La Paz/Cabo or businessmen going to Mexico City. The minority of people who got off the plane to stay in San Carlos were maquilador executives, a few Club Med people, and fewer locals.

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