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 Posted: Thu Feb 2nd, 2017 12:00 am
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To put all of this back on track on what's happening now and not what went on some years ago, I am publishing an email received from Paradise Air by a known member of our board who is going to remain anonymous at this point.

"I want to provide a detailed explanation on the delay in making your payment. The Guaymas air service program required a significant amount of funds to be placed in escrow as guarantee for the program. The funds for the coupon refund and reimbursement payments are in the same escrow account as the guarantee deposit for the air service. I have tried unsuccessfully over the past weeks to separate the funds (for coupon and reimbursement payments) from the deposit funds without having to liquidate the escrow account. Liquidating the account in total will require the deposit funds to be returned and cause a delay of the air service program just days ahead of the air carrier opening their reservation system for the Guaymas flights. 

 I have tried to make other arrangements to keep the flight deposits in place to allow the program to go forward but I am not able to. The request to liquid the account to access the coupon refund and reimbursement funds will be ordered on Monday morning with funds being available quickly. I am continuing to work to get the guarantee funds reapplied to the program so the Guaymas program can go forward but the importance is on completing the coupon refund and reimbursement payments asap.

 I will update again on Monday as to when your payment will be completed. 
Thank you"

This email message is dated January 28.