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 Posted: Wed Feb 1st, 2017 04:45 pm
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Back in the day (30 years ago) we had club med, and they were full. We had Fiesta Wayfarers, and that was 3 charter planes a week from BC. The town was hoping, and we had two airlines that serviced the airport daily. Cheap flights, always full, and it wasn't just grey hairs. We did not have the maquilas back then, but we had family members that would fly down , and MANY nationals that used the airline service also. If there were flights, they would be used, if they were not too expensive. Tucson is full of people from somewhere else, that do not like the cold. San Carlos is warmer. Many people here would fly down there, if there was a flight that was easy from the Tucson Airport. Trying to fill a large plane is just stupid. But a puddle jumper, or a plane that holds around 40 would be filled on a regular basis. 3 or 4 flights a week would be great, and as soon as they were up and running, they would be filled. The flight plan for Paradise air didn't make much sense, IMO