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 Posted: Wed Feb 1st, 2017 02:34 pm
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It is my opinion that the demand at this time is not sufficient for an airline to cover its expenses flying into Guaymas.  

What I have gathered from this thread is that Retired Grays (who live here part time and full time) want their kids to fly into Guaymas for a visit. Was there one post from a Tourist wanting to come to SC for a vacation?

I remember that before the Mexican "Drug War" violence was plastered all over the media in the US there were a lot more gringos in SC, and lots of locals were working. I remember also, several Tour Buses, full of Gringos, would pull into Marina San Carlos, each week, and load onto Garys' Boats for a sight seeing ride on the ocean. When I mention to people I talk to in the US that I live part-time in Mexico, They are Shocked that I am not Afraid to live or travel here. All of them are scared to death to even visit. I remember in the 60's and 70's riding the train from Nogales to Mazatlan for Spring Break. 

San Carlos, and Mexico has changed a lot, mostly for the worse. I think it has to do with NAFTA and the Influence the US exerts over Mexico to fight the Drug War. Before NAFTA there were plenty of Drugs available in the US and,  Mexico did not have the killings that they have now. Actually, Drug Violence in Mexico was nearly non existent. Because back then the Drug Cartels and the Politicians worked hand in hand. 

As much as I would like to see a low cost flight to SC, under the current circumstances in Mexico I can't see Guaymas getting flights. As was mentioned in a prior post, no business is willing to subsidize the flights.