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 Posted: Wed Feb 1st, 2017 02:59 am
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Gotta agree with Jimmy. There is a reason San Carlos hasn't grown up like Maz or PV. There is a reason that HoJos and Club Med have sold out.

It's the winter weather. Who wants to fly to San Carlos from the snowbelt states/provinces, with 60 degree water and strong, cold winds in the winter?

Back in "the day" when those resorts were operated by big companies, they subsidized the airfare. That made it cheap to get here. But word got out that it really isnt that warm in San Carlos in the winter. Especially NW of the Tetas, where HoJos and Club Med were. I doubt there were many repeat customers, after experiencing a week of wind and cold water here.

It's a bit ironic that people are hoping for service from the States when the real influx of new visitors is from Mexico. And most of those are within driving distance (HMO, Obregon).