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 Posted: Wed Jan 18th, 2017 03:25 am
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Just a heads up to my fellow sailors and mariners.  When you buy a boat from the local broker here in San Carlos they may be remiss in telling you that YOU need to get the old TIP from the previous owner and get it cancelled before or when you get your new TIP.  

It has been said (not sure how true it is) the previous TIP is adequate until you get your papers.  That may be why they don't cancel it as part of the sale, as it can take weeks or more complete a sales transaction and months to get Coast Guard papers.  However, you should be sure to get the ORIGINAL TIP from the seller and keep it in your possession or ideally on the boat.  My previous owner was not told by the broker either that he was responsible for giving me the TIP, he assumed it was taken care of by the broker.  Hope we can find it....
Sooo... I pay my money, do the transaction in the states, which takes quite awhile, get my CG papers (registration - some call it a title).  I am still in the US, because I need to work to pay the bills for a little while longer.  In an effort to comply with Mexico's laws, I then use the new "Banjercito Online TIP Request service to get the new TIP.  Quite easy, quick and painless I must say.  Arrives at my house via DHL.  However, Now there are two TIPs outstanding on the same boat.  Since Mexico did not say anything, I assumed it was free and clear.
As I stated in an earlier post on this forum, Fast forward ten years (for my friend).  I have a friend that has this problem as well and the previous owner is nowhere to be found, nor is the previous TIP.  He can't sell his boat because the previous TIP is still outstanding. Interesting.  This has been an adventure for him, and he lost a sale because of it.  At least I am fortunate enough to have access to the previous owner at this time.
So just beware, if you buy a boat in Mexico, YOU need to be sure to get the previous owner's TIP and surrender it when you apply for yours.  I will be working on clearing my previous owner's TIP, I will keep you informed on the logistics.  

Oh, by the way, has anyone else had this experience?  If so, how did you handle it?

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