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 Posted: Thu Jan 5th, 2017 02:49 am
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So I have a sailboat in San Carlos.  I have a tired, too small, dinghy and I bought a new (to me) larger, used one.  It is registered in NM under my & my wife's name.  I would prefer to take it down and bring it back for each trip, but someday I may leave it down there also on the sailboat, who knows, make plans and life gets in the way sometimes.....  The old dinghy is listed on my TIP, as well as the small 2.5 HP motor that I no longer want.  
I will also be bringing down a used 6 HP 2-cycle as the new motor.  I don't have any paperwork on that 6HP motor, it was a gift from a friend.  Might want to leave that down in SC on the sailboat.  
Do you think this new (used-but looks new) dinghy and motor can be considered sporting goods and not require a TIP?

What are the ramifications if I trade the old dinghy for coconuts down in SC?  Do they check that stuff when you renew or relinquish your TIP?  What about trading the old motor as well?
Thanks, I really appreciate the help.