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 Posted: Sat Dec 17th, 2016 04:52 am
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I'm not a sailboater but only having 7-8 days, and being in a sailboat, is tough. Especially since the prevailing winds at this time of year can blow for a few days in a row and not allow you to move. Even only going as far south as Loreto would be a challenge;  never mind Cabo.
I guess my tip on sailing in the Gulf is be prepared for winds to 20 kts (or more) and seas from 4-6 feet at 5 sec intervals. Or at least know when these are predicted and hunker down.
Are you in a daysailer or something bigger? Have you ever sailed down here, in the winter?
I think the only real options are Santa Rosalia and Bahia Concepcion (with a land-based side trip to Mulege, no safe anchorage at Mulege proper). The book above covers these areas well enough. If you got both of those in in seven days, you'd be doing well.
There are no islands with safe anchorages on this side, unless you want to go up by Kino, which I dont recommend. Too far, and the comfortable anchorages (around Isla Tiburon) are too far removed from Kino. Kino is not much, anyway.
There are a couple of protected anchorages on the mainland shore, north of San Carlos, but they have no real attractions to visit while anchored. They are just nice, remote anchorages. One is Ensenada Grande at about 13 miles from Punta Doble and one is Julio Villa at about 26 miles. There are others north of here, but none as well protected if the wind conditions described above, occur.
I guess I am overlooking sailing around to Guaymas and staying in there. A bit of trouble for a town you could drive to in about 20 minutes, IMO. But it has safe anchorages and a marina. 
Suggest you contact the Tucson Sailing Club and talk to some members about doing more than daysailing around here. Some of them must have gone on longer jaunts down here. The wind can be dangerous.