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 Posted: Thu Dec 1st, 2016 01:14 pm
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In the last week, I've heard from two sources I consider reputable, who claim that all the restaurants on Algodones Beach (Soggy Peso, Sunset, La Salsa, Bonifacio's, whatever Dunas became) have been told to close and will be razed. There was conflict in the timeline given. One source said they have to close by the end of January and one said by May of next year.

In the case of the May date, this information came to me from someone who has business dealings with one of the restaurants out there. So, it is third hand, to me. Pretty close to the source.

One different source (from that last one) also claimed that ALL the structures comprising the old Club Med/Paradiso will also be razed and that the owners will be building two towers;   presumably with condos for sale or simple hotel space. This info is from the owners of the new development, inland (north) of the Paradiso. The one with all the palm trees lining the entry road. Those owners relayed it to a prominent restaurant owner in town, who told us over dinner at the restaurant.

What have others heard? If any of this is true,  others must have heard something.