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 Posted: Tue Nov 29th, 2016 06:13 pm
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Richard Baca


Frankie, chill out man; hey, I'm not baiting or bullying you at all... I'm sorry you took as such! Please accept my apology! Your house was most likely built by the PdS developer whose name I will not post, and it surprises me that he would do such a thing, but I don't doubt you. It was probably his subcontractor that did it and the developer should be made aware of it. As for the bank issue, it's up to the principals to argue it with the bank. The real estate contract that I use and have used for 24 years and NEVER had a problem, is either the NM or Arizona standard r/e contract. Early on, I used the NM standard contract because I was an NM Realtor; later on, I obtained the Arizona r/e license and switched to that. NEVER have I had a problem with it and my clients, the Notarios and the fiduciary banks have all been happy with it. As far as the r/e business is concerned, I feel that I can "throw stones" because of my perfect 33 year track record in three U.S. States plus Sonora. So let's get together for a cerveza or two and chill out together!

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