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 Posted: Tue Nov 29th, 2016 12:25 pm
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quotes from posts on this thread;
* novelty of mexico
* anyone with money are consider a piece of meat to get a slice off
* happy and romantic living and full of surprises
* drink a couple of pacifico's
*chill out man / part of the color and culture. use a reputable broker with a proven track record
all these quote show cynicism,  apathy!!
what seems to be a common theme is the referral or reference to the mexican culture!  guaymas / san carlos are not the epidemy of the mexican culture!!! in fact it exemplifies the complete opposite! all the northern states of mexico are highly influenced by the usa & cananda!  
people are people no matter where you are!  right and wrong are right and wrong no matter where you are!
there are sheep and there are shepherds, followers and leaders!
if you are comfortable with the situations you know are incorrect, then you are a follower!
if you care and want to make a difference you are a leader!

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