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 Posted: Mon Sep 19th, 2016 11:51 pm
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richard,  i had to have a cig. before i could respond to your post!
1) CMA well the is good if you are dealing with tract homes, which there none here!
2) cost replacement,  which is what i was referring to in my earlier post!
there are a zillion factors for costs; lets start at the first thing needed, the lot!  is the lot on flat land like in the 2 country clubs,  is it on a slope,  is it on the beach.  just those 3 types have a wide range of costs concerning the construction of the foundation!
flat roof , pitched roof, dual pane windows, single pane windows,  central air or mini-split,  i can go on and on!
the facts concerning the real estate agents here in town,  the signs you see the most of are the most successful! their success comes earned!  they have repeat customers and referrals from their customers!

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