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 Posted: Mon Sep 19th, 2016 05:06 pm
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LTR: You don't live here any more. Things may have changed. The information on costs of vets comes from a Mexican national who lives BOTH in Hermosillo and San Carlos. She is appalled at the price differences. She confirms that vet prices are DOUBLE in San Carlos. An American who lives here confirmed this fact only yesterday. This person is also appalled at the price gouging and states that the only time she does business with a "gouger" is when she needs a vendor who speaks English.  

As an educator, the total focus in my life since 1982 has been working with Mexican youth who live in the area. I really don't care who visits San Carlos as long as they don't drive up prices that affect me.  My point throughout this thread is that price gouging takes place with tourism and this affects BOTH the anglos AND the Mexican Nationals who make San Carlos their home.  

This gouging attitude is also prevalent with real estate people who consider that the price they want a property to sell for is "value" even though there are few willing buyers (e.g. LTR's property). As an American, in I am schooled in the economic law of supply and demand. Down here, the economic law is "if I build it, people will come". There are many skeletons of buildings and empty homes that attest to this way of thinking. So, why not attract foreigners and nationals who will buy a home at a reasonable price and make a life down here? Many have done it elsewhere in Mexico. In my view, tourism isn't a route to long term economic economic growth or stability in our area. But, building a community is !!!

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