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 Posted: Mon Sep 12th, 2016 02:57 pm
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ATT *used* to be the best for the combination of USA and Mexico. Best coverage. Seemless integration with TelCel. But, it wasn't cheap.

Then ATT dropped the TelCel part and bought Nextel of Mexico, definitely a 3rd tier player in Mexico. People who were used to the TelCel agreement for Mexico complained about the coverage and data speed degradation. ATT is upgrading it's Mexican subsidiary, but it is still no match for TelCel. Ask around for current ATT Mexico experiences for coverage.

T-Mobile signed the agreement with TelCel when they started the USA/Canada/Mexico no borders plan. Then TelCel started a similar plan of no borders. T-Mobile has been investing heavily in their domestic network over the past couple of years. However, if you are in a very rural part of the USA, you are likely still stuck with the big 2 carriers.

T-Mobile can be an excellent choice for San Carlos snowbirds. However, they have some restrictions about how much time you can be outside their domestic network. If you visit for a couple months, your are fine. If you spend more time in Mexico than the USA - you might get caught.

If you spend more time in Mexico than the USA, TelCel has some attractive plans.

This industry is experiencing rapid changes. People's experiences and coverage of just 2 years ago need to be discounted.

Google has become a player with Project Fi. They change the entire model with WiFi first. Apple is strongly rumored to be working on similar. Carrier agnostic.

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