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 Posted: Thu Sep 8th, 2016 04:44 pm
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This pic is for Shannon Spirit. We are right next to you in DC-18, SV Indigo, blue hull w/red stripes. You should be able to see your shamrock in the pic, in between the two blue hulls. I have attached this before picture so you can compare and verify your boat is on the right side of that after picture posted by Gitana. This of course doesn't mean our boats are not tipped since they are not visible in the after pic, but at least our odds are much better. And I hope that gives you some minor relief until you get verification.

Thank you so much to everyone who is posting photos. Gitana's pic post was the only way we could verify we were not in that devastating row as we haven't received news from our caretaker yet. So concerned for all who are.

If anyone forwards this on FB: this picture is a BEFORE shot, Row DC is on right, at Marina Seca SC taken in October 2015 by Indigo, for comparison purposes only.

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