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 Posted: Tue Sep 6th, 2016 09:30 pm
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The eye is still on Baja but the Eastern half of the cyclone is already over the gulf.  Newton should start crossing the gulf in an hour or so.  That will determine if it grows or not.  Wind and rain will continue to build.  Expect wind to slowly shift around to the South and pick up in intensity as day goes to evening.  This storm will remain strong all the way through Sonora.  Consider travel plans carefully as I would expect problems with roads and bridges from here to the border.   Not sure when peak intensity will be, maybe 9pm to 11pm.  

From the latest advisory
Newton continues to be a large tropical cyclone, and hazards extend well away from the center. These hazards will affect a large portion of Baja California Sur, northwestern Mexico, and southeastern Arizona during the next day or so. Moisture associated with the remnants of Newton are likely to cause heavy rains and localized flash flooding over parts of Arizona and New Mexico Wednesday and Thursday.