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 Posted: Fri Aug 26th, 2016 06:04 pm
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Richard Baca


The Mexican coastal Federal Zone extends 20 meters above the mean high tide line as defined by a survey performed by the Federal Zone authorities. The width of any given FZ is also defined by the FZ authorities and usually the width of an adjacent platted lot, but not always as seen at Charley's Rock and three of the La Manga FZ concessions that I am aware of.

At La Manga, most of the houses on the FZ do not have FZ concessions and as we readily see when driving to Doña Rosita's restaurant, extend way further back than the 20 meters above mean high tide FZ definition. In fact they have established a school and a couple of churches way above the FZ! These people have established possession, and in Mexico established possession can (and in this case I think will) become a "right". As such, it will also become negotiable. So IMO,the situation is going to have to go into arbitration. So... vamos a ver!