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 Posted: Sun Aug 21st, 2016 03:51 pm
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long time resident wrote: Frankie, A property in the state of Arizona is not recorded until all monies have been received for the sale of the property., and all funds have been dispersed. At the time of recordation, the keys are given to the buyer. This usually takes place in the same day, if the closing is in the morning. Recordation of a title can not be done after 4 in the afternoon.
LTR,  i have had the privilege to have participated in well over 1000 closings!  many where mine personally or that of my construction company!  i was a licensed  real estate agent in the state of arizona for over 33 years!you can disagree all you want,  i have the experience of those closings under my belt!
your first sentence is extremely deceiving, and it discredits your opinion!  i clearly explain how money can be left on the table!!  balloon payments, owner carry backs, ect.
this isn't about  real estate 101 , it is about the vulnerability of the buyer and seller here without those services!!

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