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 Posted: Wed Jul 27th, 2016 03:00 am
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post #23 describes it best! CEA for the most part was and is only responsible for the main line! from that main line developers have spliced off for their projects! from those splices others have spliced off, so on and so on! i would venture to say the first splices where probably inadequate for the the demand they where to deliver for! there was never a master plan for san carlos much less the water system!  i was here during jimena, touring greater san carlos to view the damage i witnessed the exposed plumbing for most of the areas of san carlos! i was amassed to see all of the 1" PVC piping trans-versing miles and miles for it distribution! so i believe there lies the problem!!we have problems now, wait till the new subvdivision projects are on line at the entrance of the royal, behind san carlos country club and the project for over 100 homes out by paradiso!