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 Posted: Fri Jul 8th, 2016 07:36 pm
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This just was posted at there FB page ............

First, we want to thank you for your interest and participation in our new international air service program for Guaymas/San Carlos. We also appreciate your patience as we work to open for reservations to book flights and publish our flight start date, routes and schedules.
We are aware that there have been dates previously provided that have passed that were based on our original program of flight options from Phoenix and Tucson only to Guaymas/San Carlos. While we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused we remain confident that the program enhancements of the past couple of months have produced a much better overall program.
In late May we signed code-share (interline) agreements with two major international airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines. This is a major advancement in our service as this type agreement with a regional air carrier is very rare. This allows passengers to book a single ticket from their point of origin in American or United to Guaymas with a change of aircraft in Phoenix or Tucson. This is an inter-terminal change (not exiting the security area) and your luggage will automatically transfer. American and United Airlines have ~500 connections into Phoenix and Tucson making it easy to access from all parts of the US, Canada and internationaly. This required complete integration of our reservation system with the American and United reservation systems to allow connecting flights to be booked on corresponding systems.
 In addition to the above we have repositioned our flight time from late afternoon-early evening to mid-day to accommodate in-coming and out-going connections from Phoenix and Tucson. Our previous flight schedule was:
• 1:00 pm Phoenix – Guaymas 2:00 pm
• 2:45 pm Guaymas – Tucson 3:45 pm
• 4:30 pm Tucson – Guaymas 5:30 pm
• 6:15 pm Guaymas – Phoenix 7:15 pm
Our new schedule is:
• 11:00 am Phoenix – Guaymas 12:00 pm
• 12:45 pm Guaymas – Tucson 1:45 pm
• 2:30 pm Tucson – Guaymas 3:30 pm
• 4:15 pm Guaymas – Phoenix 5:15 pm
This required reworking our flight times at the three international airports to ensure we have designated gates available plus rescheduling ticketing/baggage, custom and immigration and ground services personnel.
The reservation system integration with American and United Airlines and repositioning our flight schedule to middle of the day was time-consuming but is complete. When we launch you will be able to book through our system or American/United if you choose to use as connector.
With the above complete, we have been working with all regulators in US and Mexico as well as the three airports to authorize our start date as we have been ready for some time. At this time we have been approved to start flights September 15, 2016. We are still working on earlier flights and will inform you as this develops. We anticipate our reservation system to be available within 7-10 days.
Finally, for those who purchased discount coupons we have extended the period for use of the discount coupons from May 31, 2017 to September 30, 2017. We do hope this date will accommodate your travel plans and apologize if causes any inconvenience.
In addition to the air service Paradise Sands Group, which Paradise Air is a part of, has also formed Paradise Hospitality, Paradise Tours and Paradise Real Estate. We know there are many people that will support the air service and also know that to sustain it indefinitely we must focus a part of our effort on increasing foreign tourism in the fall, winter and spring. Paradise Hospitality has agreements with 10 major hotels/resorts in the Guaymas/San Carlos area to promote air/hotel packages. Paradise Tours is positioned to offer local activities to the tourists to make their visit enjoyable and fun. Paradise Real Estate is ready to assist in the investment or purchase of property working with the local real estate agencies to find the right choice for your Paradise!

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