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 Posted: Tue Jul 5th, 2016 08:10 pm
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PJ, it's been about a month or so. At that time the young lady was very informative and answered all the questions I asked. I have no axe to grind except for my opinion as to the fact I've said for years, that San Carlos will be well served by an air line that we can afford. Our "kids" are older and still working and have kids in school or working as well. Being from Wyoming and Colorado the driving time down is 3 days, return is 3 days. That's near a week or about half a vacation. Flights from Denver some years ago into Guaymas and return were around $400. US round trip and the kids came as often as they could. As the economy dumped there as well as here, round trip to and from Guaymas was around $1400. US or a little more. To a family of 4 or5, it prevented visiting here. We have many times driven to Tucson and picked them up and then returned them there. That is an expense to us. The young lady told me they were thinking late July depending on pending deals with the 3 airports and with Airlines. There are many details and red tape that to me would be very trying but they seem to be working out in stride. Please don't hold me to these names as I'm trying to remember. They are very pro San Carlos. You might go to FB and check out Paradise Air-Mexico. I may also stop by their office again. Don't know if I've answered anything or just rambled? Ron