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 Posted: Sun Jun 12th, 2016 01:33 am
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Some people are paying $3 per month in Guaymas and $20 per month in SC, and lots of people are not paying anything at all. Every time the government has tried to raise rates in the past to do projects, people object, so the govenment tries to keep installing cheap to keep up with a population that is doubling its numbers every 17 years with a 3% positive birth rate.
Sonora recently installed the Novio Dam pipelines 100's of miles to increase supplies, even while old cash cows like Pemex lost money instead of contributing,and huge cutbacks in Federal programs have also been placed. The government is running with deficits, so there is really no money for more improvements without raising rates.
And while I previously stated that its always good to fight the good fight, one must understand that any administration requires adequete funding to maintain, and much more to improve an aging water system.
So calling SC a cash cow for the CEA strikes me pretty funny, and I think that more complaining will fall on deaf ears and make it sound like you are burning Mexican flags and slapping the host that is trying to serve everyone the best they can with the budget they have for peanuts.

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