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 Posted: Thu Jun 9th, 2016 05:46 pm
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Water in Ranchitos is probably on a very shallow hardpan aquifier. A well will probably not produce more than a trickle, but a 1/2 gpm trickle pumped 24hrs a day adds up to 700 gallons a day held in a storage tank, and most people use 50 per day per person as an average.

A $75 1'5" diameter pipe spike can be driven 40 feet in a days labor with a $20 post driver so if you live near one of the existing arroyos that has some sand and gravel, this could be a solution for you.  Or, if you live down stream for people that are watering,you also have a good chance and of course witching for water is a common skill in Mexico.

Water is probably the most valuable commodity the earth holds, and without it, you investment here is worth nothing. With it, its worth more. I think its allways good to try to fight the good fight, but a small well may solve your problem sooner with less frustration, and you are entitled as a property owner to have up to a 2" diameter well on your property for domestic and agricultural use w/o applying for a permit, the last time I looked. A pither pump will tell you how much of an electric jet pump you need, and if there is no water, you can pull the pipe with a lever and pay your laborer to try another spot.
I have done a few in my time.

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