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 Posted: Mon May 30th, 2016 02:01 pm
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I guess it always depends on ones personal experience.  For me CiBanco has been fantastic.Their exchange rate is the best we have found since coming to San Carlos.They charge no fees for the checking account including giving us checks.They notify me by email each time a debit card is used from my account and when my deposit goes in.I can go online anytime to see all transaction (back only 45 to 60 days I think)They pay my bills again for no fee.  They did fail to pay one month of water during Semana Santa so I also pay one year in advance and take advantage of the 10% discount.The ATM is also no fee. 
So after 3 years (since they opened) I have had one experience out of 100 where there was a problem.  BTW they speak perfect English if that is important to you and I have also found them friendly and efficient except for that one occurrence.