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 Posted: Wed May 25th, 2016 06:06 am
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johnmoore wrote: Biscuit, where was the fish smokehouse? What year?"
I remember it back to the late 80s but not sure about before then. It was approx a third of the way to Guaymas, a white building always kept freshly whitewashed. It closed around 2005 but I could be wrong about that and it was later. They bought the fresh catch at the docks and then it was delivered to them. The business was geared towards supplying product to grocery stores packaged for the consumer. They also opened to the public for an hour or so after the day's processing was done and they were cleaning up. Mesquite-smoked marlin, sailfish, cabrilla, atun. Yummm. Of course the fish varied with the season. Apparently other processors in big cities began underselling and that spelled the end.