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 Posted: Tue May 24th, 2016 01:38 am
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Vince Radice

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I truly believe the only way that San Carlos will get cleaned up is when it is it's own municipio and then the new local mayor makes it a priority and spends the energy and money on making it happen. I have been involved in numerous clean ups over the last 25 years. It was about 23 years ago or so that our company Sonoran Sport Center completely cleaned up the beach at Martini cove and took at least three 55 gallon garbage cans of glass bottles from the fishing shack that used to be there.

There may be a way to persuade the new comisario to start dealing with the tremendous amount of trash found all over the place on the main road. I have not met him yet and am planning on visiting him soon. I think it would take a strong lobbying effort on our part and then we still are likely to get lip service on the issue.

Lately one of the biggest shames in San Carlos is the huge overflowing dumpster out on San Francisco Beach on the way to the recent volley ball tournament site. I was there yesterday and it was pretty bad. I am actually going out there this afternoon to take a picture of it. It is disgusting really how much garbage is there.

I have a running joke with a good friend of mine from Guaymas. To me San Carlos over the years has been turned into an open Cantina and a Fosa Septica for Guaymas. We are supposedly one of the biggest tourism draws in the state of Sonora yet when you look around the town you see the main road is piled full of garbage there are no public bathrooms and the beaches are filthy. When we the local residents pick up the trash, as we always seem to do, in some ways we are actually empowering Guaymas to not bother doing the job when it is truly the responsibility of Guaymas to keep the town clean.

We have no sewage treatment here yet on your water bill you are charged for sewage treatment. The water company itself charges us 5 times the legal amount that they can charge by law and continues to get away with it. They also loose 65% of the water that they pump through our aging infrastructure. That should be a crime since we live in a desert.

We pay around 100 million pesos a year to Guaymas in taxes and they give us back around 8 million. Many of us have seen the plans for a re-furbished Mirador Escenico and a new Malecon. I would love to see that but I truly think the priority should be new infrastructure for the water delivery system in San Carlos and sewage treatment. I don't think that will happen unless San Carlos becomes it's own municpio though.

I do realize that if San Carlos were to become it's own Municipio, it would be the 73rd in Sonora, that this would not be a panacea for all that ails us. But at least we could no longer blame our woes completely on Guaymas.