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 Posted: Mon May 23rd, 2016 03:52 pm
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I came here in 1980. It was so much cleaner then ....We started a project for students to clean the beaches and along the road, and we fed them lunch, and had a piƱata afterwards. Lots of water and sodas, trucks to pick the big bags of garbage up, and we gave awards to the students for the most garage picked up. All of this was organized by the San Carlos Residents association, which no longer exist. We did this for several years. It made a difference. I do think that police giving fines to those that litter, will make a hugh difference. People will think twice, before they throw their garbage if they might have to pay a fine for doing it. Let me see 1980, it is now 2016, it has been a while since this concept of not littering was introduced to San Carlos. I think it might take some more time for people to understand that littering just doesn't benefit anything or anyone.