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 Posted: Mon May 23rd, 2016 01:53 am
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I completely agree with everything that has been said about the garbage issue. But, in fairness I think the trend is for far less garbage. For those of you who go back the 30+ years I have been here, you might recall the huge amount of garbage on the highways rights of way. Much of the improvement had to do with the gradual availability of public bathrooms. Garbage (including lots of toilet paper) disappeared from public view. It would seem to me that a more organized system of readily available garbage cans AND the regular emptying of these cans would go a long way. Couple that with some gentle and friendly enforcement much like the visibility of the cops at the new stop sign in SC for a few months. Gradually, people respected the sign.  

I also add that the idea of we anglos setting an example is a bit arrogant. Indeed, some of we anglos break environmental rules down here if it doesn't suit us and when the authorities are not looking. The Mexicans know this.

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