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 Posted: Sat May 21st, 2016 06:30 pm
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frankiej wrote: we have our own little "mayberry" here, i always describe san carlos that way! is it "los estranjeros" who are littering, i would say no!! most of the litter comes during the weekends and on holidays! most of the it is  alcohol consumption related! the containers, plastic bags, ect; 
so if the laws are enforced on those outsiders who come in on the weekends and holidays, how does that effect us, other than maintaining a clean san carlos?  
there are now G+ signs up all over, asking not to litter!
i don't understand what's wrong with enforcing the existing law, and for the litter that does occur we pick it up!in arizona we have an "adopt a hiway" program! it works fairly well!

Last weekend I was walking home from Ley with my daughter.  We saw a man park his car, open his door and throw 3 beer cans onto the ground! What I found astonishing was the fact there was a trash can nearby! I picked up the beer cans and threw them in the trash!

Call me crazy but we came to San Carlos to enjoy nature and learn about Sonorense culture, NOT to pick up after litter bugs!