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 Posted: Sat May 21st, 2016 02:28 pm
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most successful businesses have a business plan a formula a structured format! they know through demographic studies who the target market is! then they venture to put into place their business! sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't! what is sometimes not contemplated is competition! case in point several years ago two grocery stores came to san carlos! both stores thinking they would succeed! both stores designed for the volume needed to succeed! 6-8 cash registers, staff and stocked shelves! what both stores did not contemplate was that the stores where designed to have a minimal and maximum amount of volume to function at a profit! how many times have you seen the existing store with all the cash registers open?
this is a big problem for any business opening here in san carlos, with it's current economic status!
to succeed you need the minimal amount of daily traffic in costumers  just to stay in the black! 
our peak traffic for customers is thursday - sunday! the other 3 days are very slow! employees are hired for a 40 hour week! 
until we see more activity of people, residents/tourists 7 days a week, things will remain dismal!

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