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 Posted: Mon May 16th, 2016 03:29 pm
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wow!! john that was quite profound!! you and i are not alone with those exact feelings! your bully description is perfect, because of his physical stature he probably never had anyone disagree with him! that has morphed into his personality we see today! GG has many skeleton's in his closet! it was over whelming how many PM's, emails to me directly, phone calls i received, people in town stating similar opinion's! his hunger for control and absolute authority, his complete obsession with viva, have clouded his ability to actually "monitor"!! i am absolutely dumbfounded as to the existing attraction to viva! his rule with an iron fist is absolute and undeniable! yet, even after written and posted disagreement his minions continue to support him! why????????? this site "forum" "san carlos,sonora, mexico", offers everything i am looking for and more!

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