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 Posted: Mon May 16th, 2016 02:16 pm
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Aloha, I hope you are correct, sure you are, that gg monitors this site. He has just gone on his periodic rant that viva is so appreciated and he being the glue that holds it all together is subject to people out to get him. He states a few bad apples will not ruin his barrel. There is nothing that can be said about gg that has not been said before. In his minds eye it is always others, not him, he will never accept his failures, and his inability to connect with people, other that in a bullying way. He offers up his moderator job, to anyone that alec would accept. Poor alec would not accept anyone unless they were forced on him by gg, and gg would never give up, what he perceives as this power position. We will probably never know the root of his sickness, but it is so obvious there is one in play. A school yard bully morphs into a SC bully, that kind of situation generally takes care of itself over time.