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 Posted: Sun May 15th, 2016 10:30 pm
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i understood clearly the ramifications when i choose to stand my ground against the narcissistic tyrant, extortionist who is the moderator, at ""viva""! my post #23 i explain that there is a difference between domain ownership, e-mail name and business moniker! liz's comment that alecs owns viva, may be partially true! viva what?? "vivasancarlos" domain was lost!i have been a business owner here in sonora for over 14 years, i have an accountant and lawyers at the ready, it is a necessity to do business here or any where! the moderator is constantly bragging of the paid subscribers, even giving totals! proclaiming they are a business for profit venture!!  the "hacienda" expects 16% of each and every donation or ad sales! i doubt serious they would pass an audit!! to my knowledge at least a 1/2 dozen viewers are being censored! that was my position yesterday!  

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