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 Posted: Wed Dec 2nd, 2015 06:26 pm
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Tex L. Horn wrote: We followed Susan's advice on the fishing captain. I tipped 300 pesos for half day fishing trip. He appeared insulted and tossed the pesos onto the seat. I suppose it depends on the recipient.
That's $18.  She said 500.  Even if you used him for 1/2 day, you took away the opportunity for him to work more.  Surprised he'd act like that, but you did under tip.

People need to take the current exchange rate into consideration.  A lot of the stuff they do is tied to the $.

I know a dozen+ of the MX captains.  Some of the better captains are now expecting 700 to 1000 per day.  500 was always good when it was closer to a 10 to 1 ratio w/the dollar.

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