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 Posted: Sat Sep 26th, 2015 01:52 pm
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When I started to look at real estate in San Carlos in the 80's Catalina was already famous in town for good reason. Since I lived in Hermosillo, came to SC weekly, and am bilingual, both American, Canadian and Mexicans were nice enough to inform me repeatedly as to her shenanagens. 
So I and other posters here continue to pay that favor forward when someone like yourself or other family members promote her "aquired businesses" to SC virgins.
If you of all people need to know more of whats been documented in the past, or of the current civil and criminal suits against her, I suggest you march your butt down to the justice department and public records in Guaymas to study her public legacy or ask any owner who is currently suing her to get paperwork for properties purchased outright years ago.
She'll be hauled back into jail again shortly, you count on that.