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 Posted: Fri Sep 25th, 2015 06:03 pm
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Richard Baca


WRONG Darbone!! The former caretakers of the hotel are the ones that ran it into the ground and yes, it got to a shabby state. Since Catalina Ordaz took over she and her husband have cleaned it up and refurbished everything! It's eclectic for sure, but clean and comfortable and a bargain for being on the beach. As for the restaurant, like I said, they cleaned EVERYTHING and brought Angel, formerly of La Palapa Griega, back to run it. The food and drink are among the BEST in San Carlos! The location, on the beach, with the option of inside or outside dining is unequaled. Try it Darbone, it ain't like it used to be, and methinks you'll like it!! Oh, and BTW, it's on the same beach as Condominios Pilar only with a more Southerly exposure; better for sunbathers!

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