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 Posted: Fri Jan 16th, 2015 05:01 am
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Has anyone done it this way?

>Proper Link

Then go to top, "Servicios" then "Pagos en linea"

You must have your "Clave Catastral" number,

Using the "Clave Catastral" Number,

Have in your hand your last receipt of the last payment. Enter the date of your last payment as example 19/AGO/2012, or DDMMYY

Click then you will see the tax bill. Bottom may show a discount amount.

Click button Realizar Su Pago. It takes you to a secure Bancomer site.

Pay your Tax/ Prediales. Be sure you use a card which will work in Mexico, call your bank/cardholder to tell them its a Mexico transaction, if u have a US Financial Institution

Be sure you have a printer working to print your receipt.

If problem contact Oficina de Ingresos Tel: 622-222-4285

Calle 20 y Ave 12, Guaymas