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 Posted: Tue Mar 6th, 2012 05:22 am
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barato wrote:

at the esterito at the head of the bay (turn right into the fishing camp just before the little bridge), there's a dirt/concrete slope that will work as a ramp for a smallish trailerable boat at high tide.  this won't work for anything with much draft but a swing keel 16'er should be doable.  i've launched there many times and have seen people launching trailer boats up to maybe 18' plus lots of pangas.  no soft sand involved but the passage out to the main harbor is shallow and narrow, and completely non-doable at less than 1/2 tide for anything bigger than a portabote or inflatable.

it's right next to one family's place but they're very nice folks and happy to let you launch there if you ask.  they sell fish and bait too (excellent quality fish, good prices) so you might buy some as a thank you.  the middle aged dad is named Victor and his wife is Mercedes.

Barato, when you launch at the fishing village where do you park?