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 Posted: Sat Aug 27th, 2011 07:23 pm
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Many of our members are members of other boards, blogs, etc.  From time to time, there may be differences of opinion on the operation of those other sites and some may suffer banishment or other punitive measures. 

While I understand that those impacted by actions of other moderators or webmasters may be angry or upset, this board is not the place to express your unhappiness.  I expect those unhappy with the way this board is operated to communicate with me by PM or email and that expectation extends to those operated by others.

So if you have an issue with another site's moderator or webmaster, please take that issue up with them.  Don't post it here.  Violations of this policy will result in deletion of the post and may subject the member to banishment with no warning at our sole discretion.


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