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 Posted: Tue Apr 12th, 2011 05:02 am
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There was some... er... heated discussion on the sun dial gate on the other forum.

Some felt the gate was not legal, but unless the police get involved, it is there to stay and opened only at will by whomever installed it.

You can go over to the beach club and hike out to the sundial. Its unfortunate that to do this you have to pass some sketchy terrain  along the cliff side and (at least to me) are made to feel like a trespasser as you go by the houses on the cliff. But technically there would be space enough for a public corridor along the cliffs to allow access.

Maybe a community effort to actually construct a safe trail along the side would be the way to go. Seeing such an effort, maybe the gate owners would create a walking space at their gate instead of wanting a full blown trail to be built between their house and the water.

This is definitely a touchy subject in some circles though...