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 Posted: Mon Jan 10th, 2011 04:03 pm
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SunDial, El Tomate, & Desert Trails

Gates. Where are they? Are they legal? Is there "toll"?

I am building a custom map of San Carlos/Guaymas and want to collect and publish so visitors and residents can enjoy all that this wonderful place has to offer.

Saturday I visited the SunDial for the first time in 5 years. Obviously, the electronic gate is new since my last visit. By trial and error I found a route along the shore, behind the gate, and simply walked to the historic site. I have GPS track of how to bypass the gate. I can publish this track. But, I am not certain that I should. I don't know if the gate is legal. And neither do I know if the bypass is legal.

The number of gates blocking access to hikes and bicycle routes is increasing.

I remember the SunDial was a wonderful spot to take visitors. It was an easy 10 minute walk that most people could easily negotiate. And the views were spectacular. The bypass of the gate is NOT for everyone. One needs to scramble over questionable terrain.

It is very sad that the SunDial is now unavailable to the majority of visitors and residents. Have the local government authorities said anything about this? Is that gate legal? Should that gate be opened during daylight hours, or modified, so that hikers can again enjoy the spot donated to the community many, many years ago?

Where are all these other gates? Are there conditions that allow traversal? Is a "toll" required? Are only certain classes of travel allowed? Are there specific hours of operation?

I plan to incorporate any of this information in the custom map. And make that map available for free for non-commercial use for the visitors and residents of San Carlos.

If we share the information we know about San Carlos, more of us will be able to enjoy this wonderful place.

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