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 Posted: Wed Dec 22nd, 2010 07:28 pm
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I want to publish hikes around San Carlos. Can I get more information from you about hikes you like? Information that would help:
- where does it start (description or GPS)?
- where does it end?
- difficulty?
- what do you like about it?
- is there a visible path?
- what can you see along the way or at the destination?

I am starting to write a free San Carlos guide APP. Initially it will be on Android. Initially, it will be aimed at visitors. It will be map and GPS based. I think that there will be several base maps. One certainly will be topographic based.

What I hope to do with your information is:
1) Walk the trail myself, tracking it with a GPS (unless you already have a GPS track!)
2) Take the GPS track and put it on the San Carlos map along with pictures and descriptions
3) Share early versions with you.

Along with Hiking trails, I think early points of interest will include:
1) free WiFi spots (good for the visitor with cell phone plans up north)
2) Places to rent equipment for activities (bicycle, kayak, scooter, ATV)
3) scenic spots including areas for viewing interesting animals and plants
4) bicycle routes through the desert
5) Gyms with short term rates and facilities

You can either post here, or, email me at asjogren1 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Thanks for sharing with our community!