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 Posted: Thu Dec 2nd, 2010 07:06 pm
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sailfast wrote: Have a 23 sailboat for sale...when it sells....what does the new owner need to tow it back to the states.  I have a TIP and titles are to trailer and boat are in states.  Any direction would be great.  thanksAll the new owner needs is a legal plate (or some kind of valid plate) on the trailer.  And a bill of sale for the boat, showing it's serial number..Mexico has little interest in Northbound trailer boats and neither does U.S. Customs..

If the boat and trailer have titles, then those documents should be ready to transfer to the buyer at the time of sale..Trying to do this by mail, with the boat in Mexico and  you and the paperwork in Oregon will involve more trust than you are likely to find...

If the boat is going to stay in Mexico, Marina Seca should be able to "expedite" the paperwork for you.  Good Luck..