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 Posted: Thu Apr 27th, 2006 03:26 pm
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Probably not doing anything wrong.  This may be caused by a combination of things including updates from security or software vendors (Microsoft?) and resetting security levels in the system.  Then you try and login and wind up not being able to or getting the error message.  That winds up in the temporary internet files stored on the computer so instead of looking for a live site it looks in the cache and finds the file that did not work.  We've had some success in resolving these issues by clearing the temp files and cookie settings periodically.  In IE, go to Tools>Internet Options>General and then delete the cookies and files under Temporary Internet files.  Then close IE and reopen it.  If you bookmarked the link to the board that will still be there, but you will not be trying to open a corrupted file from the computer's cache.  Deleting cookies and temp files will not harm your system but is simply routine preventative maintenance.