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 Posted: Mon Oct 18th, 2010 11:27 pm
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I don't know when you are coming, but the annual road reconstruction seems to be ramping up. There is one section that is now two-way traffic in the southbound lanes, for 6 miles leaving Santa Ana. They were finishing another "diversion lane" at Benjamin Hill to route northbound traffic onto the southbound side. We saw a dozen survey crews working in different locations both Friday and on Sunday. I am not sure what your experience is with the highway, border crossing, driving through Hermosillo, and I have no idea about vertical clearance needed for your boat. I just know it would take industrial strength "Valium in a Drum" to calm my nerves if I hauled something 11 1/2' x 40' into San Carlos!!!!

I would really suggest a trial run from Nogales to SC and back without the boat, just so you know the current conditions.

If you do haul it down, you will then be the only one I know of who's earned the right to the "stainless steel balls" to hang from your receiver hitch.