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 Posted: Sat Sep 25th, 2010 08:32 pm
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I've never had any problem bringing a speargun down.

Size depends on what you're going after and how deep you are willing to go.

If your spending most of your time in 20 to 25 feet, I'd use a pole spear and bring a file as you'll likely bounce off a rock or two.  Great way to pick up nice dinner fish.

If you're seeking a larger fish and are willing to dive into deeper water, then a modest size double arbelet gun works well.  Don't need a big woody here. 

Dive with a buddy and get your speared fish out of the water.  I use a small 2 man raft from Walmart as a fish pot.  It easily holds my gear and fish and if we get tired, we can jump on.  handy if you've made one of those "it felt like 50 foot and turned out to be 70 foot" dives that leaves you pretty pooped.  I use a 20 foot leash and we trade who ever is going deep. 


Hope this helps