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 Posted: Tue Aug 31st, 2010 02:08 am
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You might consider just giving the buyer a "Captain's letter" authorizing him to sail the boat, move the boat, etc. and then he should be able to take it to the border. If it is Oregon Title you can download an Oregon bill of sale and sign it, have it notarized if the buyer feels more secure.

You can get a "Captain's Letter" (in English with Spanish translation)quite easily

Bart's suggestion for USCG documentation is well advised, but this boat would be too small to fit into the USCG requirements for documentation, so that would not apply in this case. If you want to buy another boat in San Carlos you certainly want to look into documentation for yourself. Charlie at Sea of Cortez Yachts can help with that

A lot of this depends on where the buyer wants to register the boat, as different states have different requirements. It's a lot different to register a boat in Arizona, which is done without a title being issued and goes through Arizona Fish and Game, and say California, where you have to deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles. So you want to check with your buyer and see what his state's requirements are. Even of he wants to keep it in Mexico, he will need to re-register it in the US and then apply for a TIP

Some states require notarized signatures, and some don't, so you want to find out what buyer needs. Needless to say, no Mexican notary endorsements are recognized in US. Have to go to a US Consulate in Hermosillo if you need a notary, unless some US Notary in San Carlos is willing to notarize which we all agree is not 'legal' in the true sense of the word but sometimes done

Of course if it's a 23 ft trailer sailboat you will have 2 titles or 2 registrations, one for boat, one for trailer

Hope this helps, good luck with your sale