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 Posted: Fri Aug 27th, 2010 02:27 am
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To do this right, you need to accompany the boat to KM 21 to clear the TIP.  Rest sounds ok but do the title transfers need to be notarized?  If so that will need to happen in the USA. It can be done in Mexico but it is a hassle. 

If I were the buyer, I'd tell you to meet me at a bank in Nogales, Az with boat, trailer, cleared TIP and all paperwork and get the bank or other notary to witness the sale and notarize all the docs.  That way if your buyer is a resident of another state like AZ where boats are registered but not titled, they will have all the paperwork they need to title the trailer and register the boat.

If, for the sake of discussion, the buyer wants to document the vessel with USCG (I would), you will need to provide a USCG bill of sale and that must be notarized.  Form is available on line at



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