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 Posted: Sun May 23rd, 2010 04:44 pm
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Well, the shorty's have come out the closet. We enjoyed 72-75 in Lalos Cove. The Kelp is still standing and there are lots of fish in it. Yesterday I found a guitar fish and we saw a big diamond stingray. It was at least 4 ft across and with the tail 8 ft long. We like to swim on the edge of the kelp forest rather than barging through it or we swim just over the top. Visibility has been around 25-30 ft and that is good enough for me. Last week I still found 66 F on a deep dive at the Island but the shallow was also 72. Clearly the water is warming up and once that has started it keeps going. Very soon we will be seeing 80's. Life is a beach and I dive. Johan.